Sunday, August 15, 2010

For some reason I promised myself not to upload these before I'd been to a danish manga/anime convention called Genki-con. I had a great time, met some old friends I hadn't seen for a good while.
I tried to to practice the use of textures on these three, as I've been fascinated by the effects it gives to pictures for some time now. Also, I haven't given myself much time to clean and colour drawings over the last year, so it's was super nice doing it again!
The first drawing is from an anime called DRRR, very nice, if you're into the japaneese stuff :)
I tried to make a drawing that had motion in it instead of the usual pin-up like positions that I have a bad habbit of drawing!

The two other drawings are of the more famous couple Jack and Sally from Burtons "nightmare before christmas". Loved the movie since I was a little kid, and my mother was foolish enough to let me watch it! For some reason I haven't done much Burton fanart considered how much I love his characters! What a shame. The drawings where meant to go as a couple of course ;)

Other news: I'm really trying to pull myself together to continue an old comic of mine ( no, no link for you people yet.. unless you've seen it that case... whatever!), so right now I'm brainstorming and trying to collect all the little notes and sketches I've made for it over time, I've realized I'd planned more than I thought! ...and some of the important passages has had no planning at all, gee :S

Beside of that, it's pretty nice to have summer break, even though I'm very exited to get back to school and learn 3D. I've promised myself to study and practice harder next semester! Poeple worry that I tear myself down... NONSENSE! Relaxation is for the dead!

And with this I bid you all a good night...

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