Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two more pictures, done at the danish Genki-con, in Copenhagen, the first one is suposed to be the two mascots of the cone, done with aquarelle, or how you spell it, was nice doing something by hand :)

And for the comic; There was some areas of the convention that were open to people who wanted to see what was going on, and it was very strange to see all these normal family people and elder people walking around among crazy cosplayers! But yeah, inspired me to do the comic :)


  1. Wait wait wait wait wait...

    Normal people at an Anime Convention? o_O Crazy!

    Love that first drawing though, so much pink! Are those marshmallows or some kind of cool Japanese dish? :P

    And my reply to the comic is pretty much the first two lines ^^ Hilarious!

  2. I remember that one. Those colours are sooo nice, but what about the one you made last thursday? Come on! It was great too.

  3. Bestest comic ever!! *A*
    Seriously, so awesome <33

    I love the first drawing too~