Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another little drawing

I did this just for my own sake, is suposed to be two characters from my comic, they're reading in a spell book, thinking of it as a toy, none aware of the danger within, which is symbolised by the gloving hands (which actually belongs to a third character, but her design is not determined yet)
Done with aquarelle and coloured pencils, the composition is not exactly what I wanted, and I still have much to learn about colouring, but I like it for now :)

This was done rather fast, actually it's the boy character, or what he looks like later on in the story, he is a kind of Zombie. Made with tablet and PS.


I'm gonna update some not so exciting ball 3D animations soon, because I decide what to post here ;)


If you get the idea that I like blue, well... then you're right!

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