Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two of my wonderfull classmates had birthday not so long ago, so I made them birthday drawings... because I care!
I have an urge for using aquarelle these days... I'm still not very good, but it's funny, so whatever :D I'm learning something for every drawing, but mostly I've learned that I must set of some time to study colours. Like how to mix colours to set the right mood and stuff like that...
The first one is my friend and his girlfriend(who is also an awesome friend!) on the bird from UP!, as they kept talking about it after seeing the movie :P It was nice trying to xopy colours with aquarelle, as I mostly just paint from my imagination. And he liked the drawing, so if nothing else, at least that was worth it.

The other one was a colour experiment, and it was interesting, but not completely successfull. But at least it turned out cute ;)

And I might put up another drawing soon, but next post's ought to be some of the 3D animations I've done since school start, I'll also write about my experience about it at that time!

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