Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tangled 2D

This idea popped into my head, and I couldn't move on with other stuff before I got it done. I love Tangled as it is in 3D, but I looked at Jin Kim's awesome sketch, featuring an early version (Bastion) of Flynn Rider, which I'm pretty fond of.
I'd like to see what it would have looked like in a 2D production, and if you want something done you got to do it yourself I guess :)
So here's the process:
Here's the sketch I used by Jin Kim, found on his blog:
I did clean-up of the sketch, very cool way to learn how he works with lines and shapes.
Flat colors, Rapunzel based on the movie, and I tried to find colors that fit Bastion.
Went for the simple shading, mostly looked at Tarzan for reference.
 And final: Found this background from Brother Bear, I couldn't find any that fit better. Added some texture and some tone. Hope you like it :)

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